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Stoney Brook Dance Company

SBDC Policies

At registration a minimum $40.00/class & $50/team initial costume fee will be collected – this becomes NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER October 15th.  The costume deposit is applicable PER CLASS.  This applies to all dancers with the exception of adult classes and Movers & Shakers.  The remainder of the costume cost will be collected in SPRING, BEFORE THE RECITAL.  The costume will become the property of the student ONLY after the final payment has been made (Total price of costumes are determined by a variety of factors).  Our knowledgeable and experienced Costume Coordinator, along with the dance instructors, make every attempt to keep the costumes reasonably priced.

We reserve the right to change the class schedules based on class size and interest.  If your class is affected you will be notified as soon as possible.   The Schedule includes 28 weeks of classes with 1 - 5 storm/sick days (dependent on which class is registered for) included at no charge to the students.  This way if a class does need to be cancelled due to sickness or weather it is only made up if all of that class’s storm/sick days have been used. 

Consistent attendance is expected of all dancers.  This attendance policy is especially critical in preparation for exams, festivals and the recital.  Three consecutive absences will necessitate a call from the Instructor.  Participation in exams, festivals or the recital may be prohibited at the discretion of the instructor.  If a class is cancelled due to a storm/sick day we will notify you by text or email first.  If we do not have a cell number or email for you then you will receive a phone call.

Refunds prior to January 1st - cost of classes not taken plus a $25.00 administration fee.  No refunds will be issued after January 1st except with medical validation.  Instructors must be notified of all cancellations in writing. If the season is cut short due to a circumstance beyond our control we will be unable to refund your tuition money.

There will be a $25.00 administration fee for class changes made after October 15th. (Exception on classes that the instructor changes) 

A $25.00 charge will be applied to NSF cheques.  All late payments are subject to a collection fee.

A company our size depends on volunteers in order to keep costs down for the dancers.  Volunteering is not mandatory, but it is appreciated and your account is credited.  Areas to volunteer include costumes, fundraising, recital, miscellaneous (registration day, ticket sales, etc). 


The option to fundraise is an opportunity given to the students to keep their own costs of dance down.  The money fundraised minus a minimum amount held back for expenses will be placed directly into the student’s family account to be used for extra costs such as exams, festivals and costumes. 

This credit may be used for any costs incurred throughout the dance year including but not limited to:  Current year costumes balances, Exam fees, Festival fees and Registration costs for the following year.  This account is non-transferable, and reverts to $0.00 at year end, with the exception of registration.  This credit system remains in effect as long as the student continues with SBDC.  All unused money left in accounts by students not returning will be used for a scholarship fund for deserving students who are financially unable to participate in certain activities such as, but not limited to, exams and festivals. 

Observing classes is a privilege set aside for parents only.  Observation will be allowed on specified weeks only with the exception of Movers & Shakers where a parent is expected to participate on a weekly basis. Observation days will occur the first week of Sept, Dec & Feb. Parents, siblings, etc. are invited to observe all other classes through our observation windows.  The instructors reserve the right to ask any observers to step outside if they are causing distraction for the dancers.


SBDC has a zero tolerance policy.  An SBDC Teacher will deal with parties involved in the complaint immediately upon learning of the situation.  If the conflict cannot be resolved SBDC reserves the right to suspend parties involved.

SBDC prohibits the use of cameras, picture phones and recording devices in bathrooms and all designated change areas.  Please ask the teacher before using a camera in class as there are specific students who have requested not to have their pictures taken.


All outstanding accounts MUST be paid in full prior to the next year’s registration.

Stoney Brook Dance Company students and families are expected to treat the studios as well as the waiting areas with respect.  Please throw all garbage in the bins provided, hang up jackets and place shoes/boots on the racks provided.  Dance shoes are the only foot wear allowed on the dance floor.  Noisy, disruptive behaviour is not acceptable. If a dancer is causing disruption or is found to be littering, etc. in the waiting areas, adult supervision may be required of that child while they are waiting for their classes.  Adult supervision is required of all students under the age of 12.  Siblings, friends, etc. are not permitted in the studios and waiting areas without an adult present with them.

Important information that you completed on your registration form:
Responsibility/ Liability - It is agreed that I hereby release the dance instructors of Stoney Brook Dance Company, their employees  and parent volunteers of any responsibility or liability for injuries  or damages to the student(s) arising out of or in conjunction with the operation of said program.
Promotional Photographs  - I agree to allow my child’s photographs and/ or quotes of dance involvement with Stoney Brook Dance Company for future promotional purposes.
Festival Participation - I agree to allow participation in Southeastern Manitoba Music Festival – Dance Category- held in Steinbach, Dance Canada  in Winnipeg and 1 or 2 other competitions, should my child’s dance class be selected to participate.  I understand that I will be notified of the costs associated with this commitment prior to actual entry.